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Launch of EBSI-NE Project


25 Oct 2023


Bruxelles, 25 October 2023 – The "EBSI-NE" consortium has announced the beginning of the homonymous project aimed at bolstering the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI). With the support of the European Union through the Digital Europe Programme, this initiative brings together a consortium of 24 leading organisations from 14 European countries, including government agencies, public institutions, and academia, to advance the development and adoption of the EBSI network at the European level.

The primary objectives of the EBSI-NE project are as follows:

  • Increasing Validator Nodes: The consortium aims to significantly enhance the robustness and maturity of the production network of EBSI by adding 18 validator nodes. This expansion will fortify the infrastructure, making it more resilient and secure.

  • Support Services: It will provide essential support services to all relevant EBSI stakeholders, facilitating their engagement with the network.

  • Coordination and Unification: The consortium members will work together in a coordinated manner to establish, deploy, and operate new nodes leveraging industry best practices and technical knowledge.

  • Additional Enhancements: Beyond the expansion of validator nodes, the project also mandates ISO 27001 certification to enhance security. Furthermore, tailored tests will be carried out to improve robustness, along with the development of a framework to qualify EBSI nodes as trusted e-ledgers for eIDAS 2.

As a result, EBSI will be better equipped to provide secure and efficient cross-border digital services in line with the European Union's commitment to technological innovation and cooperation.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Alla Aboudaka

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