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European Blockchain Sandbox: second cohort projects announced

European Commission

13 Jun 2024

The European Commission, Bird and Bird and OXYGY have announced 20 use cases for the second cohort of the European Blockchain Sandbox.

Alongside Bird & Bird and OXYGY, the European Commission is delighted to announce the second cohort of the European Blockchain Sandbox:

  1. OriginalTrail, poslovne storitve in digitalne rešitve, d.o.o.

  2. Infineon Technologies AG

  3. NYALA Digital Asset AG

  4. Circularise B.V.

  5. IOTA Stiftung

  6. EastNets Europe S.A.

  7. Stichting 2Tokens

  8. Brickken PFP, S.L.

  9. ReLOG3P SRL

  10. PlanDail Ltd, Operating as Trrue Ltd

  11. Doxychain

  12. VERAG Spedition AG

  13. REClosure

  14. Kunveno Teknologos

  15. IoT Nederland BV


  17. DigiShares A/S

  18. Konnecta Systems IKE

  19. EBSI-Vector

  20. Soverio MB

The selected use cases span all EU/EEA regions and represent a wide range of industry sectors and regulatory topics.

The 2024 applications period once again highlighted a keen interest from the blockchain ecosystem in the project, bringing in almost 60 applications from a range of sectors and from right across the EU/EEA.

These use cases underwent a carefully curated selection process, led by blockchain experts from Warren Brandeis and overseen by a panel of independent academics applying our official selection criteria (.pdf).

Continuing to witness the high calibre of wide-ranging innovations in the Blockchain space across the EU/EEA has been extremely encouraging, and we would like to thank all those who took the time to apply for the second cohort of the European Blockchain Sandbox.

Congratulations to all the selected use cases and welcome to the Sandbox. 

Please be advised that eligible use cases who have not been selected for the 2024 cohort, or use cases who have not had the opportunity to apply, are welcome to apply for the third cohort, in late 2024.

Further information

View the full list of use-case descriptions 

Read more about European Blockchain Sandbox project.

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