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EBSI Ecosystem Day


7 May 2024


Brussels, 7 May 2024 – The EBSI-NE Consortium unveiled at the "EBSI Ecosystem Day - W3bsi, Trust Reimagined" transformative insights into their mission to fortify the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI). Amongst industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders, the consortium delineated pivotal components and advancements essential to the evolution of digital security within the EBSI network.

With a presentation on "EBSI-NE: Towards a Resilient and Secure Network," the consortium presented how the EBSI-NE project aims to elevate the EBSI network into a more robust and stable production-grade network through three fundamental pillars: the Proof of Authority consensus mechanism, legal compliance, and adherence to international standards and security measures.

Key highlights from the presentation include:

  • Enhanced Resilience: The EBSI-NE Consortium unveiled its strategic approach to fortifying the network's resilience by implementing a robust Proof of Authority consensus mechanism and setting 18 new additional nodes into production, underscoring its pivotal role in the decentralisation and digitalisation of public services in Europe.

  • Legal Compliance: In alignment with the eIDAS2 regulation, the consortium showcased its commitment to legal compliance, ensuring that EBSI remains at the forefront of regulatory standards within the European Union. 

  • International Standards and Security Measures: EBSI-NE enhances EBSI's cybersecurity and resilience by aligning with various standards. This initiative enables the deployment of production-grade nodes in a live, operational environment capable of handling real-world transactions beyond testing.

The vision for the EBSI network to reach 57 nodes by April 2025 was elucidated, ensuring the network's stability and resilience for production-grade transactions. Furthermore, the consortium highlighted plans to enhance interoperability with national services, aligning with the transition from EBSI to EUROPEUM-EDIC starting from 21 May 2024.

For inquiries, please contact:

Alla Aboudaka

About EBSI-NE Consortium:

The EBSI-NE Consortium is a collaborative initiative dedicated to advancing the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI) through strategic partnerships, innovation, and technological excellence. Comprising 24 leading organisations across Europe, the consortium aims to enhance EBSI's resilience, security, and accessibility, driving the evolution of digital verification services within the European Union and beyond.

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