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Blockchain: Creation of EUROPEUM-EDIC

European Commission

22 May 2024

The Commission has adopted a Decision to create the EUROPEUM-EDIC, which will deepen cooperation on blockchain and Web3 technologies.

On 21 May, the Commission adopted the decision creating the EUROPEUM-EDIC, a new legal entity established by a consortium of 9 Member States, which will further deploy and expand the exploitation of the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) to deliver EU-wide cross-border services, in particular public services. The aim is to reinforce trust and cyber resilience in compliance with EU regulation, including the newly adopted European Digital Identity framework.

The EUROPEUM-EDIC will support cross-border cooperation between public authorities on Web3 and decentralised technologies, promoting innovation and interoperability of such solutions with other technologies. 

The EUROPEUM EDIC involves Belgium – as hosting country – Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia. Poland has also officially asked to join the EUROPEUM EDIC, and other Member States are expected to express interest. They can join as members or observers, as can countries in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Information on Membership will be regularly updated. 

The announcement is part of a wider programme of European Digital Infrastructure Consortiums (EDICs), a new mechanism for multi-country projects created under the Digital Decade Policy Programme 2030.

EDICs allow Member States to pool funding and other resources in a flexible and efficient way, to invest in transformative digital projects and to ensure common standards and interoperability.

European Blockchain Services Infrastructure

The new EDIC will develop the existing ecosystem of the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI). EBSI was developed by the European Commission in cooperation with Member States. It combines Blockchain and other web3 technologies like Verifiable Credentials, providing solutions to make information very easy to verify and almost impossible to fake. The rise of deep fakes, generative AI and fraud in general is a main driver for the investment in EBSI.

EBSI has already deployed a pilot network with more than 40 nodes spread across Europe for piloting projects, concerning notably the share and verification of credentials concerning citizens or organisations in various sectors or areas like education, life-long learning, social security. EBSI is used as well by the EUIPO for piloting anti-counterfeiting actions, together with other traceability use cases. EBSI is now preparing its production phase which will become effective under EUROPEM-EDIC.

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